New studio dedication on the horizon

By September 3, 2012

Mozambique (MNN/ASM) — In just a couple of weeks, Audio Scripture Ministries will be celebrating the end of a long project in Mozambique.

On Sunday, September 30, the ministry team along with hundreds of guests will dedicate the Crown of Victory Studios in Xai-Xai.

The old studio is in Xai-Xai, about 3 hours north of the capital city of Maputo, on the top floor of a Wesleyan Bible college, divided into two small rooms.

Conveniently, the new studio is right next to the Bible College. Its proximity to the Bible school makes it feasible to partner with the students, and also allows for a more controlled production environment.

As the new studios are put to use, ASM hopes to expand upon their adult Sunday school program and record more Christian music. Extra space would allow for an audio library with the materials available for check-out.

ASM also plans to record and air sermons…which means they're hoping to broadcast a low-frequency radio station, so that the people in Xai-Xai could listen to Christian music and messages. There is only one other national radio station available in that area, so the residents will welcome another option.

Personal digital audio Scripture players contain a native language translation of the Bible. These digital audio Scripture players are rugged, easy to use, and solar powered so they can provide years of service in harsh environments.

Since the beginning of ASM's ministry presence in Mozambique in 2005, hundreds of audio Bibles have been distributed in numerous languages. This new facility is just a small success with a long way to go. The people are hungry to hear God's Word.

Pray that God would be glorified in the services and activities, and pray that this would officially mark the beginning of a regional audio Scripture ministry to touch the southern third of the continent of Africa.


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