A ministry presents the ‘WOW’ factor

By September 3, 2012

USA (ORO/MNN) — The United Nations Children's Fund estimates that the number of orphaned children worldwide is about 163 million. That's largely due to the AIDS pandemic, natural disasters, low world health standards, immense poverty, and food shortages.

Orphan Outreach became the hands and feet of Christ to orphans and vulnerable children by developing and supporting programs that prepare them for a fulfilling, independent life in their community.

Then, three years ago, 13 mothers and daughters traveled on an Orphan Outreach mother-daughter team to serve in Guatemala. After seeing the immense needs of orphans in Guatemala, the team decided to start Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW) as an auxiliary to Orphan Outreach.

When the first WOW chapter launched in Texas, nobody knew what to expect or hope for. This year, WOW has grown to over 10 interested chapters, and they're having a global impact. As a result, Orphan Outreach is hosting the first Webinar Training session for new and interested WOW chapters and individuals on Friday, September 28, 2012, from 11am-noon CT.

WOW's mission is to let others learn about the needs of orphans and provide opportunities for woman and their children to get involved in serving at-risk children in areas where Orphan Outreach has projects. In the past, WOW junior members have collected much-needed items as part of the Girl Scout Silver award, through their schools and their churches.

WOW adults hosted a luncheon to raise money for the educational needs of orphans, hosted a "gold" party where attendees could sell old jewelry with a percentage going to WOW, and supported and encouraged junior members during their collections.

Each WOW chapter sets its own goals and projects to support. For example, for the last three years, the WOW Dallas chapter has raised money to provide for all of the educational needs of the 60 orphans at Mama Carmen's–an orphanage in Guatemala City, and fund teachers at CERECIAF–an orphanage in Xela, Guatemala.

The Dallas chapter has donated funds for urgent medical expenses, a new washer/dryer, Christmas parties and presents, and other emergency needs at Mama Carmen's and CERECIAF orphanages. In addition, WOW junior members have collected and delivered much-needed supplies including underwear and Christmas presents.

Anyone who's interested can request log-on information to join us as the team shares ideas about starting a chapter, hosting fundraisers and drives, traveling with WOW, and starting a WOW club at a school or church.

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