New water filter project brings hope to poverty stricken

By December 20, 2007

International (MNN) — Dirty water
affects more people around the world than AIDS and cancer combined. 

Experts say waterborne-illnesses are a
leading cause death. That's why International Aid developed a lightweight
BioSand water filter, called "HydrAid."

The lightweight plastic HydrAidTM filter is designed to
be easily transported in rough and remote terrain without risk of
breaking. It is a non-electric device with no moving or replacement parts
and can provide clean, safe water at the rapid rate of 47 liters per hour–
meeting all of a family's water needs, including drinking, bathing and washing

I-A's Kurt Reppart (reparh) says,
"We are planning to install 75,000 of them in the next few
months. We're trying to find qualified
implementing partners, other organizations who have networks on the ground, who
can take this filter and install it in places where they're advancing the

International Aid wants to get believers
actively involved in the "One filter, One family" campaign. The ministry team believes that Christians must
respond actively to the Biblical commands requiring followers of Christ to
offer "the least of these" a cup of water and with it, the message of hope.

Reppart offers one practical way to
respond. "We enjoy clean water, in abundance, in our homes. What we're
called to do is, if we love our neighbor as ourselves, replicate that for
another family. We're trying to get
churches to sign up each family in their congregation to support one
filter. It would only cost $32 to
provide a filter for another family."

Click here if you want to get involved.

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