No end in sight in Syria civil war

By September 5, 2012

Syria (MNN) — The United Nations says more than 100,000 people fled Syria last month as the civil war exploded out of control. Over the weekend, Syrian aircraft went on the offensive, going after what they’re calling insurgents. However, many of those killed are civilians, caught in the middle of this conflict that’s trying to push President Assad out of power.

New U.N. statistics indicate the number of refugees in neighboring countries exceeds 220,000. According to reports, fewer than half of Syrian hospitals are even functioning.

E3 Partners Vice President Tom Doyle says, “The government is holding nothing back. Aircraft is flying in and blowing up things. Nobody really even has a handle on how many people are dead. The statistics are being withheld by the government.”

Rebels want President Assad to step down. Doyle says the sad thing is: there are no signs that the situation will get any better. “Iran is backing Syria, and Russia is in the background–and so is China. The Arab League is supporting the Sunnis. It’s just two groups that are going to keep going at each other, and innocent people are caught in the middle.”

While the situation appears desperate and hopeless, Doyle says one leader told him, “We’re praying that God uses every one of these terrible, horrible situations for His glory, and that it would open up people’s hearts that the only peace they’re ever going to experience comes from Jesus Christ.”

Doyle says it’s already happening. The leader added, “We have met Alawites and Sunnis that are now convinced that Jesus is the only way. This religious hatred: they’re not seeing it from Christians.”

Christians in Jordan are doing everything they can to help the growing refugee population. Doyle says e3 Partners in Syria have been able to help because of donations from people like you. “We’ve had some significant funding come in to help feed them, clothe them, and provide places for them to stay. And they understand that this is coming from believers and they are overwhelmed by it.”

Doyle says this kind of conflict can be something God uses to bring Muslims to Himself. However, He’s also using dreams and visions. With 60-70% of the Muslim world illiterate, the supernatural may be responsible for Muslims giving their hearts to Christ, says Doyle. He’s collected those stories and has written a book called, “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?” It’s about “dreams and visions that sound very much like the Old and New Testament-kind of experience where Jesus appears to them in a dream.”

While many believers question the validity of these reports, the book describes them. Doyle says, “90 percent of the Muslims who have dreams about Jesus are led to faith in Christ with someone who reaches them with the Bible and shares God’s Word with them.”

As they do, they talk about dreams and visions of the Bible.

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