No good solution for a suffering Syria

By January 9, 2012

Syria (MNN) — A suicide bombing that killed at least 26 people on Friday is being blamed on the Syrian government.

The suicide attack looked like the work of terrorist rebels in the polarized Syria, but the opposition has accused the government of staging the attacks in an attempt to sway the Arab League's decision regarding Assad's regime.

Syria was in uproar for nearly all of 2011, a conflict which has now spilled into 2012. Thousands of lives were reported lost, but since Western reporters are not permitted inside Syria, no one outside the nation can be certain of the number of attacks or deaths, or who exactly is being targeted.

Despite that, much of the media has taken a side.

"One of the great paradoxes of our experience with media on this issue is that they have been portraying many of these revolutions as pure and democratically-motivated just to bring freedom," points out Carl Moeller, President and CEO for Open Doors USA.

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has certainly done awful things to his people, says Moeller, but what the alternative to his regime will be–if and when Assad falls–has perhaps not been thought through.

"Unfortunately, those that are taking the lead to overthrow him promise a return to a more Sharia influenced, pure Islamic rule," says Moeller.

The situation does not look good for Christians either way.

No one is sure to what degree Christians are being persecuted now, although Moeller says Open Doors has received several reports from their contacts that Syrian believers are deathly afraid of what's to come. They have not been cared for under Assad, but if a strictly Islamic government takes over in his place, Christians will almost certainly face direct persecution.

For now all we can do is wait, watch, and pray. But Moeller does have some predictions.

"The situation will continue to deteriorate until other Arab countries step in and help create some sort of stable transition. I think the dictator, Assad, will have to go."

Pray for a moderate government if this does happen, rather than the Sharia-infused government being suggested by revolutionaries.

Whatever happens, Moeller urges Christians to speak up for the persecuted church in Syria. The nation made the 2012 Open Doors World Watch List for the persecuted church, ranking as the 36th worst in the world. Advocate by urging government officials to consider all sides of the current issue in Syria and to do everything in their power to care for the religious rights there.

Amid the severe turmoil, trauma and fear, the Gospel is still spreading in Syria. Muslims unnerved by Muslims killing Muslims are coming to Christians with questions. Pray for the church to grow even in this volatile time.

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