North African Christians help village find peace with attackers

By October 1, 2020

North Africa (MNN) — Salal and Wadibou, two villages* in a Muslim country in North Africa, became bitter enemies when ethnic violence swept their nation. People from both villages began attacking each other – stealing cattle, raiding homes, and even committing murder. Hundreds of men from both villages were killed.

Mahmoud, a man from Wadibou, remembers playing with other kids from Salal growing up. But after violence broke out and the attacks began, Mahmoud came to hate the enemy village.

However, all of that changed when Mahmoud met Eric, a Frontiers USA missionary who moved to the area to study the language.

Frontiers’ president Bob Blincoe says, “Mahmoud began to meet with Eric and became attracted to the… cause of Christ and presented himself for baptism.”

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(Photo courtesy of Nate Greno via Unsplash)

It wasn’t long before Mahmoud’s family in Wadibou also accepted Christ. Then, they were moved by the Holy Spirit to do something radical: make peace with their enemies in Salal.

“You can imagine the sudden shock that it was for the receiving village…when they showed up there and wanted to be part of a transformation that would bring about peace between the two of them. So now, Mahmoud’s sister says, ‘Joy has returned to our people and to the other village.’”

Blincoe says, “The blessing has also brought physical changes, physical improvements as people are no longer worried about having their things stolen. They are building a school in a storeroom and a medical facility and bringing about the things of the kingdom of God because of the conversion of Mahmoud and his family.

“We praise God for the power of the cross to heal long-standing bitterness between different people groups.”

The Gospel is changing the Muslim world, and Frontiers needs your help to keep advancing the Great Commission.

“We have created a list of 100 peoples in places in the Muslim world where there are zero missionaries,” Blincoe says. “Our next mission is to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to these next 100 places.”

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*Names of people and places in the story changed for security

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