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Published on 28 May, 2010

Number of pastors and churches doubles in eight years

Cuba (MNN) — Since 2002, AMG Spain, a part of AMG International, has been visiting Cuba, working side-by-side with the nationals to see Christ's kingdom expanded there.

When this outreach began, there were 25 churches and 25 pastors on the island, influencing around 2,000 people with the words of Christ. Today, there are 55 churches and 50 pastors in eight of Cuba's 14 provinces, influencing over 5,000 people.

But AMG does not want to stop there. By 2013, they want to see a total of 70 churches thriving throughout all of Cuba.

Most of these pastors received their education from Las Palmas Camp, Bible School and Seminary. Attendees are trained and equipped to share the Gospel with their future congregations. Without this seminary, they would have to travel miles away by boat or plane outside of Cuba, which many cannot afford.

However, Las Palmas needs your help. Four of its 12 buildings are in need of repairs, and transportation to the school is tedious and expensive. In addition, students need books and other materials to make education possible.

Through AMG's Cuba Project/Sponsored Pastors, you can give these individuals a chance at education and an opportunity to impact much of Cuba for Christ.

Click here to help these pastors.

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