OMS holds Every Community for Christ conference

By October 4, 2005

USA (MNN) — It’s called ECC, Every Community for Christ, and it’s a ministry of OMS International. It’s a very successful program and they need your help.

Dave Graffenberger is with OMS he says this is a huge program. “In 40 countries there are over 1,400 local people and then we have about 30 shepherds that go around and hold them accountable for their own spiritual walk, the coordinators for those countries. Last year we had 97,000 people who accepted Jesus. And, there were over 200 churches planted.”

The only thing holding OMS back is the number of willing workers and funding. Currently they need $600,000 to reach their funding and programming goals this year. Graffenberger says if that happens, “We think we’ll multiply those results by six to 15 times.”

He says prayer and funding are the top two priorities right now. But, Graffenberger also says he’s praying for people to, “commit to go and see what God is doing because it turns and changes their lives both in the way they pray and the way they give.”

If you’re interested in helping, click on the link above to get connected.

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