One man makes a difference for one million famine victims

By September 6, 2011

Kenya (MNN) — Famine in East Africa is getting worse. The U.N. refugee agency reports 19% of Somali refugee children arriving at the Kobe camp in the Dollo Ado area are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Scott Hendrix with Global Aid Network says 12 million people in five countries are in Stage five of a famine — up to 40% of the people are malnourished.

Hendrix says these people need food. "Global Aid Network has the food available, and we're just trying to raise the money to ship that food."

A man named Ray found out about the need, then sent out an e-mail to his friends encouraging them to do the same. Hendrix says what God did was amazing. "In 48 hours, Ray was able to raise enough money for one container and almost a second container."

Ray's employer found out about it, and THEY got involved. "[His boss said] he would provide enough for one container [$27,000] and would challenge all 1,800 of his employees to give through direct deposit. Every dollar that was given was matched by the company."

Hendrix says, "Through Ray, four containers of food have been provided. That's over one million meals. We're just excited about one person getting involved — willing to do something — and get other people involved."

You can have a similar impact. Your $100 gift will provide 1000 meals and the Gospel. Click here to get connected.  

We're encouraging you to do what Ray did — give to GAiN USA, then use Facebook or your e-mail to tell everyone you know about your contribution and ask them to do the same.

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