One man tackles hunger awareness–one mile at a time.

By May 24, 2006

USA (MNN)–A recent trip to Zeway, Ethiopia confronted one man with the contrast between his comfortable home, ahd the poverty, starvation and disease so many others face.

Tom Rand, a teacher in Memphis, Tenn., decided that while one man can’t change it all by himself, he can make a difference, because he wants to try.

After seeing so many children on his trip to Ethiopia without food, water and medical care, many of them HIV/AIDS orphans, he decided he could take a hobby and turn it into an avenue of hope for the children in Zeway.

Rand plans to launch an awareness campaign through a cross-country bicycle ride 35-hundred miles from Charleston, S.C. to Seaside, Ore., over a 50-day period starting May 27.

Called the ‘Hunger Ride’, he hopes to bring awareness of the problems facing Africa’s children and encourage people to get involved with the ministry outreach of Food for the Hungry.

The goal of the Hunger Ride is to raise $100,000 and find sponsors for up to 250 children. He says, “My prayer is that hearts would be broken over the tremendous physical and spiritual needs of those in Africa. I want rally many people to get involved.”

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