A team of ambassadors takes hope to Angola.

By May 24, 2006

Angola (MNN)–Sammy Tippit Ministry partner, Ambassadors For Christ, embarks on their annual mission trip this month to Angola, one of the poorest countries in the world.

The country also has the dubious distinction of having a reputation of corruption, along with having an extremely high percentage of HIV/AIDS patients for a country of its size.

The AFC team is taking hundreds of packets of love for the sick, and will be ministering in churches, schools, orphanages, and prisons around the Luanda and Huambo areas.

These packets will include clothing articles, arts and crafts, games, and other items that are desperately needed.

The teams will be performing inspiring dramas, teaching from God’s Word, ministering to non-Christians, as well as participating in both a youth conference and a couple’s conference.

Please pray that the meetings that have been set up in various churches, schools, clinics and conferences would supernaturally by God’s Spirit affect Angolan lives for all of eternity.

Another concern is the increased cost of this trip. According to Director Dave Tippit, airline travel expenses for this trip have been much higher than what past AFC mission trips have been. “We have tried to cut costs in many other areas by staying with missionaries instead of renting a place etc., but even with these cost cutting measures the expenses for this trip were at an all time high.”

Even though they are getting close to covering all of their costs, including the packets of love, please continue to pray that all the funds will come in for this AFC trip.

AFC aims to equip its students to make a difference for God in their everyday environment. They see this done by by gathering 18-25 year olds and taking them through an intense 9-month discipleship program called the “AFC Experience”.

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