The “Pray for Iran” Campaign is gathering pace.

By May 24, 2006

Iran (MNN)–In response to the current crisis surrounding Iran, dozens of ministries have partnered for a 40-day ‘Pray for Iran’ campaign.

E3 Partners’ Tom Doyle says it’s slated to begin on Ascension Day, May 25, 2006– the day Christ asked His disciples to wait for God’s visitation. Participants will fast for different lengths of time and at different periods during the 40 days.

The scope of the campaign covers three key issues. “For the persecuted church in Iran, for a revival in Iran to spread outside of the church to the rest of the country, and for God to intervene in the political situation, which is very tenuous.”

The goal is simple: to get as many into the accord as possible. “Believers are coming together,” says Doyle, and their goal, “…they’re praying for a million believers to be praying for Iran each day.”

So far, over 120 Iranian church leaders have pledged their participation. Their voices are joined by hundreds of church leaders and prayer groups around the world.

Doyle says their sources tell them the church in Iran is vibrant, healthy and winning people to Christ. Now, he goes on to add, is the time for action. “Of their 70-million people, 70-percent say they’re atheists. They’ve been through the Islamic revolution, it didn’t work, it didn’t make their lives better, and so they’re open. We’re just praying for this window in time, that God would reach out and really start a revival in Iran.”

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