One more missionary for the deaf

By September 23, 2009

International (MNN) — On September 16, 2009, International Mission Board appointed 60 new missionaries to go out and change the world for Christ. There will be 35 new missionaries in Asia, 12 in Europe, 12 in Africa, and one in the Americas.

At least one of the missionaries being sent has a rather unique ministry focus. This particular young woman has been working with IMB for several years on her own, raising her own funding for her ministry. What stands out about this young believer is her heart for the deaf.

The young missionary (whose name has not been released) began working with IMB over three years, raising her own support to minister to the deaf in Europe in 2006. She has been actively seeking out opportunities with IMB and will finally be venturing into the mission world in Asia to minister to the deaf there. This could is an important ministry for reaching the unreached and will certainly assure many deaf that the Lord cares for them despite their disability. This is not a ministry opportunity that many missionaries take, and it is much needed.

One of the couples appointed through IMB will be working in South Asia where, according to IMB vice president Gordon Fort, thousands of Muslims have come to Christ in the last five years. This area is clearly ready for the Gospel.

Other missionaries will be in Central Asia where, according to IMB, only about 80 of its 500 people groups even have access to the Gospel. These regions and dozens of others will be reached by the new missionaries being sent out. Pray that the Lord would watch over these faithful believers and increase His Kingdom through their ministry.

If you would like to learn more or help any of these missionaries in their ministry, click here.

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