One person can change China

By December 29, 2015

China (MNN) — There’s a saying that goes, “One person can change the world.” Is that really true?

Bibles for China shares a story that argues the impossible is possible with the help of Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Twenty years ago, in one rural part of China, there were zero believers. Yet God’s work was clearly not done.

A business woman went on a trip to a city several hundred miles away from her hometown. There, she had the privilege of hearing the Gospel message and became a Christian.

When she came back to her hometown, life and beliefs didn’t stay the same. Instead, she became the first unofficial missionary in that part of China by telling two of her friends what she heard, learned, experienced, and that she had become a Christian. They were intrigued, and after hearing the truth, both became followers of Christ.

One of the friends had an incurable disease for a time. The doctors couldn’t do anything about it, and it looked like there was no hope for a change. Yet miraculously, after she accepted Christ as her Savior, she was cured and her health was completely restored.

Overjoyed, she shared her story of restoration openly with all around her. As a result, her story spread like wildfire among the rest of the people in the rural area.

Neighbors and people miles away began to hear the truth of Christ’s healing for all of mankind and believed it. The story of this woman’s healing and the Gospel continued to grow among the area. Now, 20 years after that one businesswoman shared the Word, in an area where there were no Christians and very little hope, there are nearly 44,000 believers.

Bibles for China recently had the privilege of distributing several thousand Bibles in this area, which was an incredible gift for those believers. As the church continues to grow rapidly there, Bibles for China is praying for all those who received the Bibles to help the revival continue. Pray alongside them and become a financial supporter so more Bibles can touch lives and spread the truth. Each Bible is just $5.


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