One Thai youth overcomes poverty through CMP program

By May 4, 2009

Thailand (MNN) — In Thailand, poverty ensnares many. Compassion International has a Leadership Development Program (LDP) which brings hope to the many children caught in poverty's despair. One LDP honor student testifies to this program's impact.

"LDP changed my life," states third-year college student, Rujitnate. "I can now smile, I can love others, and thanks to this program, I am loved dearly."

Rujitnate once thought poverty would prevent her from obtaining a higher education. Tutoring provided by Compassion helped Rujitnate get an academic scholarship that paid for her high school tuition, but the costs of college seemed impossible. However, she was accepted as an LDP student and now majors in Thai education at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

With a significantly-high GPA, Rujitnate is one of the LDP scholar students; her advisor encouraged her to go for a master's degree in education. However, Rujitnate wants to reach out to impoverished youth.

"I want to teach the needy children in rural areas," she said. "I want to be a light and bring hope to them. I see myself as a bridge that children can cross to achieve their goal."

Compassion's LDP provides Thai youth an opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree and enhance Christian leadership skills and abilities. For Rujitnate, it was about more than education.

"The LDP program is not just a scholar program but also like a family to me," she says. "From the very first time I joined, I began to learn, grow and have been touched by the love from the Compassion staff and my LDP friends. I am bound to them and to this program."

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