OneHope and EE partner to reach the 4-14 Window

By April 28, 2010

USA (MNN) — An unreached group of people found on every continent in every country is known as the 4-14 Window. And the 4-14 Window is the focus of OneHope.

Bob Hoskins, founder and president of OneHope, says the 4-14 Window consists of the world's children. He says statistics used to say the majority of people coming to Christ do so before their 18th birthday. "Our statistics  now show that kids ages 16-20 are the most resistant to the Gospel because of the media and internet. So we need to reach them at an earlier age. That's why we're targeting what we call the 4-14 Window."

OneHope is partnering with Evangelism Explosion and their Kids E-E ministry to train children in evangelism. Hoskins says, "We're partnering with them to do this program in 12 countries in Africa and the Philippines. And over the next four or five years, we'll train 60,000 adult trainers. Those 60,000 adult trainers will then train 2 million children."

OneHope has developed a new book called "Pathway of Hope" to help children in their quest for evangelism.

Hoskins says, "This year our goal is to reach 2,920,000 children in 12 African countries."

With the number of children at risk around the world, this program will have a huge impact. "Children around the world are under attack, and Satan is trying to destroy them through every kind of evil." With the EE/OneHope partnership, Hoskins hopes they can rescue children from those evils.

Since the economic crisis has hit all phases of ministry, OneHope needs your help. Hoskins says reaching kids through OneHope is economical. "We can still reach a child with the Word of God under this new partnership program for 33-cents. We can still reach three children for $1."

This type of peer evangelism is effective, says Hoskins. "There is follow up and discipleship. So, we expect to see a large percentage of kids not only come to faith, but actually become a part of local churches."

He's excited about the prospects. "We'll train a generation of young Christians 9-13 to be soul winners, to be evangelists, and then put the tools in their hands. It's one thing to train them — it's another thing to provide the tools to actually do the work."

As you support OneHope's ministry, you're making an eternal difference in the lives of kids all over the world.

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