Open Doors paves the way for two million dollars in relief for tsunami victims.

By January 18, 2005

Asia (MNN)–In the wake of the tsunami, there are five million homeless, and one and a half million starving. They are the deeply traumatized survivors, many of whom have little to hope for.

Open Doors Ministries’ Jerry Dykstra explains their latest move in light of the suffering. “Open Doors is launching a ‘Wave of Hope’ program for the tsunami victims. We hope to bring two million dollars’ worth of physical and spiritual aid to the people in such countries as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India.”

What’s exciting, he continues, is that, “We are going to enable and empower the persecuted church and Christian communities to respond to the many needs of the victims of this terrible tragedy.”

Prior to the disaster, many of these areas had been known for their persecution of believers. Several countries had controversial anti-conversion laws either in place, or pending.

Dykstra explains the crux of ministry, and why it is critical–now. “This is also a place, a time that we really have to encourage our persecuted brothers and sisters to reach out to their neighbors. So, we’re partnering with Christian agencies and Christian churches in those countries. Of course, Open Doors has been working in those countries for many, many years.”

In Indonesia, teams will be providing food, tents, drinking water, medicines, makeshift clinics, and other relief supplies to the surviving Christians of five churches in Banda Aceh. They will also help with building temporary places of worship as well as distributing Bibles and hymnals.

Sri Lanka’s relief package will include food distribution, cooking utensils, clothing, temporary shelters and other supplies. The partnership will also supply Christian literature as well as help with the schooling of children, livelihood projects and trauma counseling.

And, in India, teams will be providing basic necessities such as food, stoves, purification tablets and drinking water. They will also provide counseling, temporary housing and help fishermen regain their livelihood by providing equipment, nets and boats.

To help with the “Wave of Hope,” project, go to the Open Doors USA or call toll free 1-888-5-BIBLE-5 (524-2535).

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