Operation Blessing continues its strategic partnership in Indonesia.

By April 29, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Aid workers in Indonesia’s disaster-hit Aceh province and Nias Island can extend their visas for two more weeks.

That decision comes despite calls from the military and some lawmakers for the immediate ousting of hundreds of humanitarian groups.

Operation Blessing International’s Kristin Vischer says, their situation is a little different. “We’re actually working with the government, and they know that we’re there on local and national levels. So, we are actually being asked to stay, and we’re actually setting up different long-term centers to help these people. We’re there for the long haul. We’re not going to leave these people in the midst of their rebuilding projects.”

Over the next five years, the government will be dispersing a five billion dollar (USD) aid package for reconstruction. That can only help restore an area devastated twice in four months by natural disaster.

Teams in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka are also coordinating dozens of rebuilding and micro-enterprise projects that will help both tsunami and earthquake survivors. Fishermen in the affected countries are receiving brand new boats and gear. Homeless families will begin to move from under tarps into new homes soon. Every day over 700 men participate in the cash-for-work programs in Indonesia.

Vischer says the teams share the Gospel through the projects. But they also need prayer. “I believe it’s just love in action, and showing that we love them no matter what religion, race that they are. Pray for, number one, the strength of our teams. All of our teams have been there since the first of the year, and they’re very tired.”

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