Orphan outreach sees great success, even in times of political crisis.

By February 2, 2005

Ukraine (MNN) — While many people in Ukraine focused on the political crisis surrounding the presidential elections, Bible Mission International focused on Ukraine’s forgotten children.

They distributed gifts and aid supplies to 10 orphanages across Ukraine, reaching 4500 kids with the message of Christ with their “Birthday Party for a King” Christmas program.

Bible Mission’s Malcolm Smith says that not only did they impact the kids in the orphanages, but the impact extends even further, “These Christmas actions, when we go and meet the needs of the very least in the society, have great rewards because we see not only them accepting Christ, but also their families, and we’re just seeing great results across, not just Ukraine, but across the former Soviet Union.”

Teams with Bible Mission performed a puppet show of the Christmas story and gave the gift boxes to children between the ages of 1-18 years old. Smith was able to be part of one of the distribution teams, and he says, “That was just a great opportunity to express compassion and love to children, and then to sit down and visit with them and hear their questions after they had seen the presentation.”

Bible Mission believes that everyone should have a Bible, but people’s humanitarian needs must be met first. Smith says that’s what they are doing, “And so when we can come and share humanitarian aid, and be the hands of Christ to help relieve some physical sufferings, we see great opportunities, to minister to people at both the physical and then the spiritual levels, and it’s because of this approach that we’ve had great success in working with local evangelical churches, to help them start new churches in areas they’ve been targeting.”

One village Bible Mission’s been visiting for three years has had such a tremendous response that the leaders of that community gave them a building in which to start a church, which is thriving and making a great impact for Christ.

Smith asks for prayer as they begin thinking about next year’s Christmas outreach. They hope to more than double the number of children who receive gift boxes, from 4500 to 10,000. Pray as Bible Mission helps resource and train the local churches in discipleship of those who responded. If you’d like to help in their outreaches, go to www.BibleMission.org or call toll free in the USA, 1.877.264.4247.

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