Orphans find a new love for books, thanks to OM

By October 1, 2009

Kazakhstan (MNN) — At an orphanage in Kazakhstan, many
children can't read, or they read poorly. Most are considered "too
stupid" because their inability to read is due to a learning disorder. The Western and Central Asia
Operation Mobilization team began a Reading Program
at the orphanage in Kazakhstan. By learning to read, orphans gain not only
a love for books but a new opportunity to better themselves. 

"I knew we were successful when I ended a
lesson and was met with a chorus of 'but I just want to finish the
sentence/paragraph/chapter,'" said Sarah, the Reading Program's project
leader. "Then I knew that the love of books had been firmly implanted in
the hearts of these children."

She says these classes are a "treat" for the
orphans; books are hard to come by in the orphanage.

Opportunities now abound for the orphans because they've
gained an essential skill set. Pray that progress and growth continues for
these children, and that many doors would be opened for them in the future. Pray also that they will read about Jesus and find salvation in Him. 

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