Orphans threatened for faith in Laos

By September 19, 2011

Laos (MNN) — Eleven Laotian orphans could have the few things they possess ripped out from under them if they continue going to church.

Voice of the Martyrs reports that after attending a local church and becoming a Christian, one of the orphans at a government-run orphanage shared the Gospel with his peers. Soon, 10 other orphans turned to Christ and began regularly attending church.

When the principal heard of the conversions, he told the children multiple times to stop attending church, according to VOM contacts. In mid-August, he called the orphans into his office, forbidding them to go back to church.

If they do not obey, the children may have to leave the orphanage, according to VOM contacts.

Seven of the orphans promised they would stop attending church, but none of them have renounced their faith. The remaining four orphans continue to attend church and refuse to bend under the pressure. So far they have not been kicked out of the orphanage.

Laos has a history of Christian persecution under communism. The situation has improved over the last 30 years, but Christians are still targeted. Missionaries are forbidden.

Pray for these bold orphans. Pray that they would continue to share their faith despite the possible consequences and would cling to Christ for their strength. Pray that the Lord would change the heart of the principal, that he might see the Truth glowing in these faithful children. Pray for their continued protection, as well.

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