Ever thought of packing meals as missions?

By August 17, 2015
GAIN_never too young to help
GAIN_never too young to help

You’re never too young to serve!
(Photo, caption courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook)

USA (MNN) – It can be difficult to hear about situations like the plight of Iraq’s Yazidi people or Planned Parenthood’s abominations, but there is hope.

Hope exists because you, and others like you, are not powerless. You can help people who are clearly in need. And, you don’t have to fly to Africa to do it.

“Sometimes, it almost appears like an apathy comes across some of the church body, or maybe even a country,” shares Phil Liller of Global Aid Network (GAIN).

“I think we Christians need to be ever-vigilant that we are walking in the ways that God wants us to walk.”

What is Global Aid Network?

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is a Christian humanitarian aid organization. With the help of churches and volunteers, GAIN packs up big containers of humanitarian aid and sends them around the world as an outreach arm of Cru.

GAIN_packing food

Packing GAiN meals is a great way to teach the next generation about missions.
(Photo, caption courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook)

“Last year, we packed up 180,000 meals,” Liller says. Earlier this month in Virginia, “We sent three separate teams down to three different locations, packed up 300,000 meals.”

Along with food aid, GAiN helps vulnerable populations with other immediate needs like clean water and shelter. GAiN and its partners also help communities “build a brighter future” by rebuilding their lives after a disaster or war.

Learn more about their work here.

“A lot of times, if you’re going to try and tell someone about the love of God, and they’re hungry or they need shoes, you just need to help them out physically,” says Liller.

“When you do that, they actually see the love that you’re displaying, and they’re more open to hearing about how God does love them through Jesus Christ.”

How to make a difference

GAIN_packing food group shot

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network via Facebook)

Jesus talked about the Good Samaritan, who reached out to help a person in need that religious leaders ignored. You can be that Good Samaritan, and it’s as simple as helping packing meals with GAiN and sending them overseas.

“We’re about ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ but also ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’–the Great Commission and the Great Commandment,” Liller says.

You can also join an upcoming mission trip or help GAiN send containers by donating.

“Pray for the Christian work that is done, not just by GAiN, but by all the ministry organizations that are part of this thing.”

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