Packing party planned in USA

By April 7, 2011

USA (MNN) — The goal of Mission Network News is to encourage ALL Christians to do something for God. Maybe it means going overseas to be a full-time missionary. Perhaps it's going on a short-term mission assignment. It could mean staying home and being a witness of Jesus to your family, neighbors and other friends. The point is, we all should be doing something.

Global Aid Network (GAIN USA) wants to give you a chance to help their overseas work without leaving the borders of the United States.

GAIN USA sends humanitarian aid all over the world. But GAIN's Joey Payne describes what they're doing at their Pennsylvania distribution center. "We're packing things like shoes, clothing, school supplies, blankets and even food. And we use Christians to do that. They are involved from this side of the water."

According to Payne, they can't do it alone. They need volunteers. That's why they're having a mega packing party June 13-17. "We call people from all over the country and say, 'come and stay in Lancaster County. Come in and help us sort and pack this humanitarian aid. And, people do answer the call. They come in. They stay in local host homes. They stay in local hotels. They show up in the morning. They get trained quickly. And they go to one of eight different jobs so they can sort and check the aid."

All of this work is done in an effort to see people turn to Christ. Payne says this aid is simply a tool for local Christians to use for outreach. "They want to be able to go into an orphanage, or a hospital, or a prison, or even a refugee camp and share the Gospel. But if people are hungry, or they're sick, or they just need clothing, it's really hard for them to hear anything."

Payne says the work is wide ranging and has an impact on those they're serving and sometimes even on their own spiritual walk. "They're creating Gospel bead bracelets that we'll use. They're packing up aid that will open a door and open hearts to the Gospel. They are missionaries from home. And for other people, once they become a missionary from home, they decide, 'I could really go overseas.'"

Payne says this is a first step. If you'd like to help at the GAIN USA Pennsylvania packing party, click here.


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