Pakistan Bible distribution moves forward

By August 12, 2011

Pakistan (MNN) — Persecution is frequent for Christians trying to live peacefully in the 95% Muslim nation of Pakistan. Believers in Christ practice their faith cautiously, trying to remain strong amid difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, God's Word–an unfailing source of strength–is difficult to access in Pakistan. Few Pakistani believers own their own copy of the Scriptures.

A lack of Scriptures not only makes persecution more difficult to deal with, but it makes growth even harder for new Christians just beginning in their faith. However, despite severe persecution in Pakistan–it is #11 out of all nations on the World Watch List for persecution, people are turning to Christ in droves.

"In 2010, more than 100,000 people (in Pakistan) accepted Christ and were baptized," notes Mawii Pudaite with Bibles for the World.

As the church continues to boom, so does the need for Scriptures. Bibles for the World is responding.

The ministry has been in touch with one reputable pastor in particular who is in high need of Bibles, says Pudaite. "Our pastor friend has sent us e-mails and telephoned us with urgent requests for Bibles, New Testaments and Gospels."

Bibles for the World is helping by first sending out thousands of copies of the Gospel of John.

"We will print the Gospel of John with the title, 'The Book of Hope and Light,'" says Pudaite. "We will also provide new Testaments and Bibles. Our prayerful goal is to print 150,000 copies of the Gospel of John for the first run."

The cost to print and distribute one copy of the Gospel of John in Urdu is just $0.25, and each copy will reach one family. Essentially, with $25, 100 families will be reached with the message of Christ.

"It will produce spiritual fruit and changed lives," notes Pudaite. "This is how Pakistan will be changed for good."

Many who read the Scriptures will be Christians, and many will be hearing the Good News for the first time. Only God knows the full scope of all that these Scriptures will do, but Pudaite reminds us that God promises His Word "will not return to Him void."

Because Pakistan is a high security risk area, Bibles for the World does not have a direct link to the Pakistan Bible project on their Web site. Instead, to get involved, contact Bibles for the World here, or make a note with your contribution here.


  • Greetings
    I am Pastor in Lahore city and doing work of Jesus and i have a great of Gospel and the Holy Bibles kindly give me information of your representative in Pakistan. i will contact him and will get Holy Bibles. i hope you will contact me soon. Keep doing work of God.

  • Pastor Riaz Chohan says:

    our Ministries work of God in Narowal Pakistan. because Narowal area to much flood and many bible is waste. our Ministries need of urdu Bible.

  • Please, Mission Network, if possible, supply this pastor urdu Bibles. He is a good and trustworthy man who reaches out to his community for Christ. Thank you for helping our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

  • dear sir /madam,
    greetings to you in the precious name of jesus
    my name is pastor haroon massey from lahore pakistan 32 years iam working in the rural areas of pakistan for the last 7 years i need to distribute the bibles in these areas
    i shall be thankful to you if you will send me the bible
    you can know more about us on our church website
    you can also know more about me

    i shall wait for your kind respnse

    pastor haroon massey

  • Daniel says:

    Dear friend we need 30 bibles for Sunday School Children.

  • Swim Raja says:

    I need The Holy Bible.. plz inform me about that, how can i get it free of cost?

  • Dear Friend I need 50 Hindi Bible for rural villages peoples Please help me Thank you
    Contact me
    Pastor David Asthana
    Lucknow India

  • Your Name says:

    Dear pastor.we gret u in the name of most high God.i and my family menbers and frends are muslims by births.a frend preach to us abt christ jesus and we where move by d spirit and we all happly gave our lifes to christ jesus acepeted him as our lord and savour and we want to knw more abt him go to church and bible class.Bt somtimes we fill like kiling ourself or evn going back to be a muslim or becoming a bomb can a newly converted muslims like us going to church and bible class without any Holy Bible.please we beg u to help our souls for the lord send us 75 complete holy bibles and booklet so we can read go to church bible class and spread the good news to orthr muslim brothrs over hear.please pastor as soon as u we shall be expecting 75 complete Holy Bibles and booklets or let hear from u.THNKS. CELESTINE OSUOHA PO BOX 39200 IBADAN OYO STATE NIGERIA

  • Your Name says:

    sir may d peace of God almihty be with u all.please we want to knw more abt christ and we dont have holy bibles pls help sent to us 10 holy bibles.remen bless.chibuike cosmos. (Block AL 92) Aleshinloye second mkt ibadan oyo state nigeria

  • Pastor Zaman says:

    Brother/Sister i am working in villages i need 30 Urdu biles for distribution.Kindly respond me as soon as possible. Thank you

  • Help Me With Christianity Books

  • Dan Schully says:

    Christian Colony, Chak 295 GB Barianwala, Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, Pakistan zip/postal code: 36050

    I need to send 36 Urdu children’s bibles to the above address.
    How can I do that?

  • Yusef says:

    I need to call on you for free Bibles for Pastor Adell in Pakistan he is in need of 100 Bibles and gifts for orphanage but the Bibles are the main thing please let me know how you can help thanks for your kindness

  • Arsal Masih says:

    Greetings from here in Jesus name,
    my name is Arsal living in Lahore Pakistan, i need Sindhi Bible, How can i get it?

  • Greeting frome here in the name of Jesus christ
    My name is siddique Masih living in lahore pasistan, Our Ministries work God, our Ministrirs runing the Bible collage. Our college have 30 studant. Ministries need 30 urdu Bible for studant,s to above .Address: labour camp no 1 Masihabad Herbanspura lahore cantt. Postal code / 54810
    We shall wait your kind respnse.
    Pastor siddique Masih.

  • Sharon Felten says:

    Greetings! To submit your request for Bibles to our ministry partner, Bibles for the World, contact them by phone or by Web with the information given here: Blessings!

  • Christ Gospel Ministry.

  • Terry Hughes says:

    I have a FB friend from Shah Faisalabad,Pakistan who needs a dozen bibles. My heart goes out to her in her need and I told her I would research resources for her. Her name is Minister Natasha Dolly. You can find her on FB.
    I am a minister from central New Jersey,USA named Evangelist Terry Hughes. My timeline ministry is Clear Vision Evangelism. I would like to share some of your posts,would that be alright?
    Thank you LORD for this ministry and its driving purpose to serve your kingdom in the land of the living for such a time as this.
    Grace,Mercy and Peace to you all.

  • Dear brothers and sisters,

    Please help me to distribute Urdu bibles to spread the word of God. There is a huge need of bibles. It would be a huge blessing if you could help us to share the gospel in Urdu.

    May God bless you

    Pastor Hamel Sony

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 28, 2016 at 4:08 pm
    Good Afternoon from Rochester, NY. May God bless you all for your amazing work and outreach. I am writing to you as I have a very wonderful brother in christ who is in desperate need for urdo and punjabi bibles. His Shafiq Bhatti and is a minister who works for, ( The way of eternity ministries) and, needs bibles to distribute in the poorest of villages that are thursting for the word of God. Where I am from, it is very hard to get these bibles and, I cannot afford to buy them for him myself as I am on Social Security so, funds are very limited. God has touched my heart to try and get this wonderful christian man and minister the bibles he needs in someway. Please, please if there is anything that you could do to help this minister please let me know.

    Thank you again for all your organization does.
    May God bless you, protect you and provide for all of your needs.

    Teresa Torres

  • M iqbal says:

    I need a Urdu bible

  • Dear Pastor Ashiq Sandhoo I am Evangelist Ezekiel John Paul from Karachi Pakistan.I have to much need of Holy Bibles because i go to remote villages they people have no Holy Book for reading and they can’t you give us some Bibles for giving them that they read the word of God and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as a Savior.

  • I am getting alot of requests from pakistsni Christians in Lahiore for Bibles…..mostly pastors of small churches and Make a wish foundation…sending thru western union or paypsl address…are these trustworthy?

  • Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus!

    I am Krista Abacan, a staff in a mission organization in the Philippines. I humbly come to make a request for free Bibles for our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Thailand this October 2017. My Ministry is Turning Point International, Inc., which is 26 years operating here in the Philippines. We are conducting monthly discipleship training programs for pastors and church workers. For the past 5 years (since 2011), we are going to Thailand for missions first to Filipinos and for the third year, to the Pakistanis since they are in Thailand because of too much persecution from Pakistan. This October 23-25, 2017, we will conduct a free training for them and accommodate them in Avana Bangkok Hotel. I would like to ask for free Bibles, about 150 Pakistan Bibles for them. We all know how much important the Word of God is and if we could just produce here in the Philippines, we will do it but there is no Pakistan Bible here. So if you would be pleased to send us, I believe that the Lord will do something greater and more amazing things to your organization as much as He will do also for our Pakistani brothers and sisters. Thank you so much. Please give me reply soon. I can give you the address where to send it. Thank you again

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