Pakistani Christian hospital workers pressured to resign

By July 5, 2021

Pakistan (MNN) — In Pakistan, a movement to force Christians out of their jobs is gaining steam. MNN reported recently on nurses being forced out of hospitals.

Nehemiah from FMI talks about the latest case. “Riaz Gill is a Christian man. He was promoted to senior head clerk at a hospital in Karachi. Shortly after receiving this promotion, Gill was abused and threatened by Muslim co-workers who refuse to work under the leadership of a Christian. I want to say again that Christians in Pakistan are considered outcasts and Untouchables.”

Gill’s coworkers beat and dragged him, threatening even to kill him. He stepped down from this new post, but they want him gone from the hospital entirely. The authorities have refused to intervene. Nehemiah says Pakistani Christians find it more and more difficult every day to get jobs.

A corrupt system

With corruption so rampant in Pakistani workplaces, infrastructure and social services are in shambles. Nehemiah says, “Wherever you go, you find incompetent and corrupt people, especially sitting in the government sector. When Christians try to live and practice as Christians, even in their jobs, most of them don’t like it.” 

Ask God to comfort Pakistani Christians facing this abuse. Pray their work and care for others would strengthen Pakistani society and show the love of Jesus.



The header image shows a monument in Karachi, Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of M.irfan44, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)