Pakistan flooding creates massive inland lake

By September 2, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — Flooding in Pakistan has created a 100-kilometer-wide inland lake, satellite imagery shows. The Indus river overflowed and covered large swaths of the Sindh province.

Pakistan has a monsoon season every year, but this year has been very different. Since July, rain and flooding have killed over 1,000 people and affected 33 million.

Officials have declared a national emergency. But Nehemiah with FMI says the government hasn’t done much to help the situation. “There is no one federal government. Each province has its own government. So there is no harmony between the governments. And we cannot see the government anywhere in the disaster management situation.”

“People are helping on their own, or maybe few private NGOs are helping and rescuing people.”  

Pakistan has appealed for international aid to deal with the damage. Nehemiah describes entire roads and villages washed away.

He spoke to an elderly man affected by the floods. “I met him standing with his wife and five children on a road surrounded by water, waiting to be rescued. He was saying, ‘I have lost my entire life savings, after years of sweat and blood. I have no hope of returning to my village.’”

A country in turmoil

Pakistan faces political and economic turmoil as well. When the nation suffers, its marginalized Christian community suffers even more. Nehemiah says, “Most of the time, the majority people groups have resources. But Christians in Pakistan live in a very, very difficult situation, like walking on the edge of a sword.”

Ask God to strengthen them for difficult days ahead. And pray healing and wholeness will come to Pakistan. Nehemiah says, “Pakistan is trembling, and this society is trembling right now. Emotions are getting out of control. People have no sense of responsibility for any other religion, sect, or group of people.”



Header photo courtesy of FMI.