Partnering to get the Word of God to Iran

By October 13, 2010

Iran (MNN) — Iran's "Green Revolution" did more than just
break through the walls of silence surrounding the events of the protests. 

It also allowed a flow of new ideas to come back in through
the gaps. Disillusionment widened those
holes further, and soon the trickle of people seeking hope and truth became a

As a result, there are many ministries who say Iranians are
searching for and finding Christ. With
the rapid growth, there is a great need for Bibles. Vision Beyond Borders
is helping a radio network raise funds for Farsi New Testaments. 

Christians still make up less than one-half of one percent of
the population in Iran. Evangelism is banned,
and government spies monitor Christian groups. Believers are discriminated against, and there has been a recent wave of arrests. 

Many believers are isolated and have no means of discipleship or of obtaining their
own copy of the Bible. Without
the Word of God, new Christians could be open to cults or twisted
doctrines. They need Bibles to clearly see what the Word of God teaches and to grow in their faith.

Please be praying that many Bibles will be purchased and that the Word
of God will go forth in Iran and accomplish the purposes for
which it was intended. Pray too for a continued harvest of souls. There's more here.

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