Partnering with the new government opens doors for a ministry in Guatemala.

By October 14, 2004

Guatemala (MNN)–Guatemala’s government is stressing the importance of fighting crime, juvenile gangs and organized crime, as well as drug trafficking, terrorism, smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking and the illegal gun trade.

But for years, child abuse and poverty were dark secrets hidden behind closed doors in Guatemala. However, knowing that children are a precious resource for the future of the country, Buckner Orphan Care has launched a new a partnership there.

Buckner’s Amy Norton explains, “For years and years the government has not really done anything to help them. There’s been a very corrupt government. Now, with a new president and first lady in office, they really seem to be trying to turn things around, and we wanted to recognize that.”

Norton says the Gospel will lay the foundation, with the cooperation between the government and the church. “They are beginning programs where they’re trying to start providing more education for the children, trying to actually partner with Christian organizations like Buckner to help change the care of the children in the homes, and to allow Christian groups to come in and reach out to these children to provide aid and partner with the Guatemalan people and the Guatemalan churches.”

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