Partnership in Burkina Faso yields future ministry

By December 19, 2007

Burkina Faso (HCJB/MNN) — Slightly
larger than Colorado, the land-locked nation of Burkina Faso sits north of

The former French colony, considered one of the poorest countries in the
world, has limited natural resources, resulting in poor economic prospects for
the majority of its 14.5 million citizens. About 90 percent of the population
is engaged in subsistence agriculture which is vulnerable to periodic droughts.

the poverty, it seemed a perfect fit for a short-term team from HCJB Global to
build into future ministry.   They teamed up
with a fast growing non-radio outreach that helps orphans and widows. 

Joanna Ilboudo, who formerly directed a partner station in the capital city of
Ouagadougou, felt led to start a ministry called Action Chretienne Tous pour la
Solidarite  (ACTS) as she watched the
plight of so many widows and orphans who are affected by deep poverty and the
nation's AIDS pandemic.

A large church called Journey of Faith in Manhattan Beach, Calif., provided the
majority of the young and talented group who joined with the local workers to
push along the expanding construction at the ACTS center for orphans and widows
in the village of Saonre, outside of Ouagadougou.

The 17-member team, led by Andy and Linda Braio, jumped in with both feet to
construct a concrete-block dormitory and classroom, provide entertainment and
Bible story activities for the orphans at the center, and run a small carpentry
workshop as job training for the older orphans.

HCJB Global President Dave Johnson, noted that the carpentry training is
already bearing fruit. "The tools that the group left behind were being used to
build such things as doors for new buildings going up as well as desks and
furniture for the classrooms. The investment is being used in such practical
ways to help the ministry go on."

members also shared their personal testimonies and showed the "JESUS" film, in
the local Moore language, to a great response. 

The end result
has been a growing partnership between ACTS and Journey of Faith. The church
provided significant financial support to the construction efforts of the team
and continues to fund the construction of more classrooms as well as the
village's first medical clinic. Another team is slated
for July 2008 with plans for a second center for widows and orphans in another

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