Partnerships open doors for global ministry

By July 19, 2007

International (MNN) — Partnerships and coalitions are not
an unusual sight on the mission field anymore. 

International Aid's Myles Fish says collaborative efforts
are making it possible for the Gospel to reach further than ever before through
medical, healthcare, agricultural and similar like-minded ministries.

"One of the miraculous stories of Christendom right now,"
he goes on to say, "is how missionaries are being raised up. Many of those missionaries know the language,
they know the culture. They're very competent, they're very Christ-centered,
and yet they don't have a partner-like international aid to help them procure
the product that they need to do their ministries."

International Aid acts as the bridge between health delivery
systems, community health, clinical care, and technology. The work they do is a physical expression of
the power of compassion. Teams introduce tangible projects of mercy and love
that restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health of others.

I-A seeks partnerships with organizations whose missions are
compatible and contribute to health and welfare of people in need.  Why?

Fish explains that their team serves the neediest of people
in order to ultimately to fulfill Matthew 28, "The Great Commission"–spreading the Gospel to all nations. "We are supporting the indigenous
church in their efforts to reach their own communities. They'll see that that's
true in Iraq, that's true in
India, and that's true in Latin
America and Africa. It's the model that
International Aid is really committed to."

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