Passion fuels Perry Lahaie’s work with Frontiers USA

By June 29, 2020

International (MNN) – Passion is the driving force behind many ministry workers and Perry Lahaie is no different in his work for Frontiers USA.

Lahaie says, “I’ve always had a passion since Jesus Christ (I like to say) crashed into my life and showed me His grace. (I want) to get the Gospel to people who’ve never had a chance to hear it. So I thought, ‘I wonder if I can use my radio and music gifts in a mission organization….and that’s how I eventually landed at Frontiers.”

Frontiers is an international missions community reaching out to the Muslim world. Their mission, “With love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus,” is the driving force behind their ministry.

Screenshot_FTS_completing the Great Commission

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

“There are over a thousand Muslim people groups that right now we would consider unengaged. That means there’s nobody on the ground trying to reach out and start a movement of the Gospel,” Lahaie says. “So we are particularly focused on trying to reach those 1000+ unengaged Muslim people groups.”

Lahaie discovered Frontiers through people at his church. “[I] found my tribe of people who have the same passions that I have. I have found in Frontiers kindred spirits.”

Using both his radio and music skills, he works with Frontiers to mobilize Christians in getting the Good News to all Muslims. “We want to send people to the Muslim people groups, but we also need people who are sharing the vision, mobilizing people, and creating the desire and fuel and passion to go.” Lahaie views himself as an influencer for the mission of Frontiers.

Music is another platform on which Lahaie introduces and draws people closer to Christ. “I write songs that share about Jesus’ amazing grace and the need to take His grace to the nations,” he says. “So the songs themselves talk about the heartbeat of God, how much He loves us and that He wants us to be joining Him in His work to reach the nations.”

Lahaie has released a new album entitled, Him, that can be found on his website. Describing his album, Lahaie says, “It’s this love story about, as Sally Lloyd-Jones puts it, ‘a brave prince who leaves his palace, his throne, his everything, to rescue the ones he loves.’ Him is all about this grand story we are in and the part we get to play in the story.”


Header Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA

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