‘Passion’ movie best seller in Muslim world

By November 9, 2004

Middle East (MNN/GPD) — Many Muslims saw Mel Gibson’s film, “Passion of the Christ” because they heard it was an anti-Jewish film. That misinformation allowed many Muslims to see Christ’s passion and they’re beginning to ask questions.

According to reports, the movie broke records in all Middle Eastern countries. In Eqypt it became the greatest seller ever. Because of their hatred of Jews, Muslim audiences have been shocked by the “Love your enemies and forgiveness message.”

In Kuwait, the film was so popular that theaters cancelled other films to show it. In Qatar, missionaries were astounded by the response. In Morocco a believer saw a pirated DVD of the film and Saudi Arabia can’t keep pirated DVD’s in stock.

Pray that Muslim viewers will be convicted of the truth and believe in His atoning sacrifice. Pray that God will give missionaries the right words as they respond to the many questions.

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