Pastor warned to leave; believers attacked

By April 1, 2010

India (MNN/GFA) — A missionary supported by Gospel for Asia, Gangi Ram, and 13
members of his church are being ostracized and attacked for their faith. 

Shortly after this group of 13 responded to Christ, they chose to speak publicly
of their new faith. The next day, March 13, the trouble started.

According to GFA, villagers in this rural area of West Bengal, India have
threatened harm if he remains in the village to pastor the church. Once neighbors, fellow villagers have beaten the new Christians if they see
them in public. Homes have also been
damaged and the new converts denied access to the well. 

Gangi and the other Christians in this place ask for prayer for Padipti
Tiwary and Keshav Raman, the two village leaders who seem to be spearheading
the abuse. They are praying that these two men recognize their need for the

Pastor Ram asks for prayer for the Christians enduring this persecution,
that they would not lose heart nor waver in their commitment to the Lord. Prayer is also needed for Pastor Gangi, says
GFA's  correspondent, "that he will
continue in his constant and cheerful service for Christ."

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