Pastors are distributing aid in USA, giving them a platform to share the Gospel

By September 7, 2005

USA (MNN) — Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from Hurricane Katrina’s damage zone and the U-S Congress is expected to do even more to help the victims. Last week they passed a $10.5-billion relief package.

International Aid Dean Agee just flew over the region. “The devastation looks just like what I saw in south Asia after the tsunami — the water, the wind, the ability to destroy entire communities — it happened here.”

IA is on the ground in the region, provide assistance in Jesus’ Name. “We are distributing relief supplies all over the hurricane affected area. We have a distribution center set up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We are receiving four to five trucks a day with the supplies from Michigan and other places. And, we’re working with the Southern Baptist Church to get those supplies out as quickly as they come in.”

Since International Aid is a Christian organization they’re using the local church to do the distribution. Agee says there’s a reason for that. “We’re letting them do the physical distribution to the people because we feel by doing that we can strengthen the local church and long after we’re gone and the communities have been rebuilt, the community and the church relationship should be stronger because of the aid that was given.”

Agee puts the devastation in perspective. “We are going to have hundreds of thousands of people displaced months, if not years. Entire communities are going to have to be rebuilt. And, the reality is that some of the communities may or may not be rebuilt.”

While prayer is the most important thing needed right now, I-A is looking for financial help so they can supply churches with even more supplies to allow them to be the hands and feet of Christ. Go to InternationalAid-dot-org, or call 1-800-251-2502. They desperately need non-perishable food items.

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