Pastors in Tanzania commit to planting churches in Africa

By October 1, 2004

Tanzania (MNN) — Pastors and church leaders were part of an historic event in Tanzania, East Africa last week.

David Shibley is the founder and president of Global Advance . “We took a team to Morogoro, Tanzania in the eastern part of Tanzania and saw 618 pastors and church leaders from all protestant denominations coming together for the first ever conference in that area.”

Shibley says the important thing isn’t the historic nature of the Frontline Shepherd’s Conference. “Hundreds of these pastors committed to plant at least one new church within the next 12 months.” He says there was a great hunger for this kind of training in principles for evangelism, discipleship and church growth.

This year, Global Advance has given on sight training to 21,272 pastors and church leaders in 22 nations in 36 Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences. Shibley says if only 1/4 of these pastors and church leaders follow through it could have a profound impact. “This is going to mean hundreds and hundreds of new churches, many among unreached peoples. This conference was close to the area of Zanzibar where there is a very major Muslim population.”

Christians around the world are being asked to pray for these newly trained pastors. They’re also asking for funding so they can continue holding more of these conferences.

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