Pastor’s life threatened, church burned

By July 24, 2013
Photo courtesy of GFA.

Photo courtesy of GFA.

South Asia (MNN) — A pastor in South Asia is being threatened with his life by a fanatical group.

Pastor Nakul had a temporary church building in his village, but an opposition group set it ablaze last month. The structure was completely demolished.

Now the group is encouraging villagers to kill Pastor Nakul, recently reported by Gospel for Asia (GFA). The group members say the pastor is forcing people to convert to Christianity.

The fanatical group has also gone to the police and filed complaints against the church. They demand worship and prayer services end immediately. Pastor Nakul and the church held a service again on July 14.

On July 9, Pastor Nakul held a peace meeting for 2,000 villagers. GFA says local law enforcement is siding with the pastor.

South Asia is planted in the middle of the 10/40 Window, a rectangular segment of nations where some of the largest unreached people groups live. Buddhism and Hinduism are the primary religions in South Asia.

There is a deep need for the Gospel in South Asia, and Pastor Nakul is working to see God’s name proclaimed in his region despite the threats.

GFA asks for prayer for a church building that will give safety to believers. Please also pray for protection and for the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of opposing group members.

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