Pastors request training in hurricane battered Granada

By November 8, 2004

Grenada (MNN) — The island nation of Granada, hit hard by Hurricane Ivan, is now the focus of pastoral training in the form of a Frontline Shepherd’s conference. In September, 39 people lost their lives and 90-percent of the homes on the island were damaged by the storm. That has left many people feeling hopeless.

David Shibley with Global Advance says Christians say now is the time to make a difference, but they need help. “We have been invited to come and conduct a Frontline Shepherd’s conference there in Grenada and we have been assured that almost every protestant minister in the nation, almost every one of them will be in attendance.”

The hopelessness that is so pervasive in Grenada can only be affected by God’s word. Shibley says, “God’s word clearly says that God desires and gives to us a future and a hope. And, this is the message that we’re going to be bring first to the pastors of Grenada. Many of them, their families were hit, too. The hearts of the people and the hearts of the pastors are hungry and open perhaps as never before.”

While the dates for the conference aren’t confirmed yet, Global Advance will also be taking in humanitarian aid. Funding for the trip is needed. Pray that those leading the conference will be sensitive to the needs of the pastors and that Grenada will be a shining light for the Gospel in the years ahead.

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