Peace efforts move forward in advance of elections.

By February 1, 2006

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–Peace teams are stepping up their efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their work is in advance of the April elections, with U-N troops fully anticipating a flare-up between the rebels and the government.

It’s an effort to bring order to the country’s lawless eastern region–paving the way for the April 29 elections, the first free presidential and parliamentary elections since the 1970’s.

Grace Ministries’ Sam Vinton says, given the turmoil they’ve already seen, the electoral process could cause an upheaval that might slow their work down.

“Another thing (that may be problematic is), they may tell people they can’t travel for a number of weeks, or months”, which is what really concerns them, explains Vinton, because, “that sets a barrier to evangelists and our church leaders traveling and going to villages and visiting churches.”

Vinton says peace can come, but only with the right source. “Continue to pray. Pray especially for the power of the Word of God as It’s preached because sowing the Word of God in people’s lives, it changes them and what the elections are trying to do in putting in new leaders, that, in itself, will not change until the heart has been touched and it’s the word of God that will do that.”

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