Peaches and Survival Paks to help starving children

By September 2, 2010

Peru (MNN) — Every six seconds a child dies of starvation somewhere in the world. That adds up to over 14,000 children daily dying of hunger.

With these kinds of numbers, every bit of sustenance helps. Aware of the need, nonprofit organization Gleaning for the Hungry has partnered with Childcare Worldwide over the years to provide dried fruit for suffering children across the globe.

Recently, Gleaning for the Hungry provided Childcare Worldwide with a generous supply of dried peaches. The ministry will take the fruit to Peru to help feed children who are a part of Childcare Worldwide's feeding program there. This special treat will bring joy and nourishment to many children in Peru.

Unfortunately, the peaches will only last so long. The fruit will be eaten up quickly, and more needs will arise for children and their families in Peru and across the globe. Childcare Worldwide does their best to provide nourishment for many families, but this can only be done through the generosity of compassionate people.

One of Childcare Worldwide's initiatives to feed the hungry is to provide Survival Paks for struggling families. Each Survival Pak contains a month's worth of necessities including rice, beans, cooking oil and other essentials. Besides the physical nourishment provided by each Pak, spiritual nourishment is also supplied as Childcare Worldwide workers share the love of Christ.

Each Survival Pak costs $30 to purchase and send. If you would like to feed a family for a whole month by providing a Survival Pak that really is vital to a family's survival, click here and give today.

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