People are turning to Christ despite persecution

By May 7, 2010

Georgia (MNN) — In August 2008, when Russia invaded Georgia, Nathan and Lori Duhan were in the midst of planning a trip to Georgia. Headquartered in Germany, the Duhans are part of the Greater Europe Mission EuroTeam, an organization that sends short-term teams from the USA and Canada to countries across Eurasia.

After contacting the people who were on the scheduled trip, Nathan said, "We all came to the conclusion that God had planned this trip 18 months ahead, and He obviously knew what would be going on at that time. So, we made the decision to move forward."

With this step of faith, they traveled to Georgia in October 2008. Nathan said the first day of the trip was difficult because Russia was still in the country.

But over the rest of the trip, they saw God work mightily. The team helped renovate a house church to be used as a refugee camp, repaired a bombed-out house, and saw five families come to Christ.

The seeds planted on the trip continue to sprout, as the number of house churches in the country increased from 10 to 25.

However, Nathan does not want the growth to end there, and he plans to continue it by developing training for the pastors of these and future churches, as well as send more teams back into the country: "We would love for you to come along and do pastors conferences or teach English or computers. You can use any gift God's given you for His glory."

God is not limiting His work to Georgia, however. Recently, Nathan had the chance to visit one of the neighboring countries–a place where Christians are faced with severe persecution for their faith on a day-to-day basis.

While there, he visited a family whose son was in danger of being killed by his grandparents because he had become a Christian. The boy's father remained strong, despite this, and delivered the message of Christ's hope and love at the risk of his own life.

This challenged the Duhans. "We all think we'll die for our faith. But it will change your life to see these guys who are living it, and know that they will die for their faith, and be involved with them. I encourage everybody to get involved," Nathan said.

Lori added, "We need believers in North America to step out in faith and to join teams."

Interested in traveling to Georgia, one of its neighbors or other countries which still desperately need the hope of Christ? Click here, and learn more about EuroTeam and where they serve.

Short-term missions not for you? Visit GEM's Web site to give financially or to find prayer requests.

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