Persecution increases need in Nigeria, ministry expands

By July 4, 2022

Nigeria (MNN) — One in seven Christians worldwide lives in a country where persecution is high or commonplace. Walking alongside and supporting these individuals is like a two-edged sword – the journey involves blessings and hardship.

“You see so much despair, so much pain. But, on the other hand, you see how God is working through the ministries helping the Persecuted Church,” Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada explains.

VOM Canada partners with Christian Faith Ministries in northern Nigeria. What began as a small Bible college 15 years ago has doubled in size and scope to meet the growing needs of persecuted Christians.

(Photo courtesy of VOM Canada)

“In the north, thousands of Christians are killed every year; you’ve got people that have been injured. A hospital’s been started on the compound because of all the medical needs,” Musselman says.

“There’s vocational training, elementary school, a trauma center; a reconciliation [ministry] between Christians and Muslims.”

Find practical ways to help persecuted Nigerian Christians through VOM Canada. Pray lives and hearts will change as believers demonstrate Christ’s love and forgiveness.

“Fulani herdsmen have been causing all sorts of problems; [they’re a] very violent group,” Musselman says.

“Christian Faith Ministries has been able to build bridges and practically help the Fulani people – water their cattle, train their children in the school, [etc.] That has led to a lot of openness between the Christians and the Muslims,” he continues.

“When there’s a spark that could lead to violence against the followers of Jesus, the leaders within [the] Muslim community say, ‘No, these are our friends.’”




In the header image, a persecuted Christian learns how to sew so she can be self-supporting. (Photo, caption courtesy of VOM Canada)

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