“Only God” connections help warriors find freedom

By July 4, 2022

USA (MNN) — Today is Independence Day in the United States, a national celebration of freedom. Recent connections mean that more veterans and active-duty military personnel can find healing and freedom in Christ.

In the past 12 months, a few social media posts and many prayers led to a new branch opening for Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries. Warriors Set Free expanded to Atlanta, Georgia, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, in early 2022.

The “soft launch” followed months of research and preparation – and a little heavenly intervention.

“Last summer, we knocked on the door of the state headquarters of the Georgia National Guard, and within about 20 minutes, we were in the office of the commander of the state, the two-star general,” Warriors Set Free Director and Army vet Steve Prince says.

Only God could orchestrate a meeting like this. “We know people are praying for this ministry,” Prince adds.

“Walking into a building and having a meeting with a two-star general without an appointment is a miracle. That just does not happen.”

It would be like having lunch in your state capital one day, “and the governor decided to sit down and grab lunch with you,” Prince describes as an example.

Steve (left) and Wayne (right) meet with Mitch (middle), a U.S. Army Ranger veteran and newest member of the Warriors Set Free team.
(Photo courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

“There’s probably 15,000 people this man (the General) is responsible for. He doesn’t talk to people that don’t have a reason to talk to him.”

The Lord connected Warriors Set Free with the Army Chaplain Corps to start work among active-duty personnel during this meeting.

Plus, “Jeff Struecker was in the actual mission for Blackhawk Down. He’s a pastor [in Georgia] now, [and] he referred Mitch, who we brought on staff,” Prince adds.

These connections lay the groundwork for more veterans and active-duty military personnel to find healing and freedom in Christ. Praise God for opening doors of opportunity that only He could unlock. Pray He will provide the manpower and resources needed for ongoing ministry.

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Header and story photos courtesy of Warriors Set Free.