Warriors Set Free partners with Army Chaplain Corps

By April 20, 2022

USA (MNN) — Despite increased attention in recent years, mental health struggles and stigma remain among United States veterans and active-duty personnel.

A 2014 study found nearly one in four active-duty members showed signs of a mental health condition. Today, over a million veterans live with invisible war wounds like post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, or anxiety.

Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries, points wounded warriors to healing in Christ.

Your mission isn’t over; you still have a role to play. We need you. Your fellow veterans need you.
(Graphic, caption courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

“We know veterans are hurting, and they’re trying just about anything they can to deal with their pain. Then they go, ‘Well, maybe I’ll try faith; maybe I’ll try Jesus’,” WSF Director and Army vet Steve Prince says.

“We need prayer to connect to them in that time, at that moment, and we need an introduction.”

The Lord is doubling Warriors Set Free’s impact and reach through a recent expansion. Along with a residential program for veterans, WSF partners with the Army Chaplain Corps to help active-duty members.

Right now, the Army Chaplain Corps is studying WSF methodology and results. “Once that [study] publishes, that’ll be open to the entire Army. So, somebody at Fort Hood, Texas, [could] read about this study a year from now, call us up and say, ‘Will you come to train my staff?’” Prince says.

“We will be training active-duty chaplains how to do what we do: bring freedom in Christ to active-duty service members who are, just like veterans, at high risk for suicide.”

Warriors Set Free needs help from prayer warriors. “Please, please, please pray for these hurting veterans,” Prince requests.

“Pray God would move them to grow closer to Him and not try some of these other things that don’t work.”

Additionally, Warriors Set Free is a Christian nonprofit and depends on gifts. Support WSF here.

“I love the $10 a month donation. That’s where my heart is; I love the giant donations too, but for a little old lady somewhere to send us $10 a month means a ton [because] I know she’s praying for us,” Prince says.



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