Peru declares state of emergency

By December 19, 2022

Peru (MNN) — Peru’s government has declared a 30-day state of emergency, suspending the right of people to gather or travel freely. The military has the authority to enforce these measures, and police can search homes without a warrant.

Peru has seen a week of fierce protests following the arrest of former President Pedro Castillo. Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “There’s been looting, robberies of businesses, even private homes. And in the process, I think we’re up to nearly a dozen people being killed. In one location, tear gas was released from helicopters, and a police station was set on fire. Some policemen were taken hostage.”

“Our partners are seeing a lot of unrest and some very angry people.”

In one area of the Amazon, protestors hindered travel by placing trees over the road and covering them with dirt. Dennett says, “So they’re having difficulty getting supplies around the country. People are purchasing whatever is in stores at the moment, and there is just a lot of fear.”

Future outlook

Why are people so angry? Castillo enjoyed broad public support. He was removed from office after trying to dissolve parliament, but his supporters want him reinstated. Others have called for new elections. New president Dina Boluarte offered to hold elections in December 2023, but the protestors want something more immediate.

Dennett says things could get worse as more protests have been planned. Please pray wisdom for the AMG team as they act as the hands and feet of Jesus during this unstable time; and pray for peace. “There are innocent civilians now being affected, and churches. I know among many families that we’re working with, there’s a lot of fear right now. And as always, the Lord can calm these situations and bring hope amid desperate times.”



The header photo shows clashes between police and protestors on December 8th. (Photo courtesy of Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)