Physical and spiritual aid, both essential

By February 3, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Last summer, over six months before Port-au-Prince was devastated by the earthquake, God was moving in the ministry of OneHope, helping them to prepare for the disaster.

Bob Hoskins, founder of OneHope, said in the past, they have only ministered to between 250,000 and 300,000 children throughout the country in a year. Following an urging to expand their programming in Haiti, OneHope served over one million children from July to December of 2009.

They then geared up for 2010.

"We actually filled up our warehouse with almost a half-million additional books, and those were already in place when the earthquake struck," Hoskins said.

After the events of Jan 12, OneHope quickly made these copies of the Book of Hope and The Godman film available to the many organizations already distributing food, water and medical care.

Now, as the millions affected receive physical care, they also receive answers to any spiritual questions they may have.

Although the materials are available, manpower could be an issue.

"In these times of tragedy, hundreds of millions of dollars will go toward food and water–as it should–so much so that the problem often is not supply, but effective distribution," Hoskins said. OneHope is partnering with churches and organizations in country to ensure items are distributed.

Meeting spiritual needs and restoring hope is just as important and supplying physical food to the quake victims, says Hoskins.

"You can live for a few days without water, and you may live for even a few weeks without food. But you can't live at all without hope," he said.

Consider helping OneHope continue to share this hope through more Book of Hope and The Godman films. Click here to get started.

Also pray for hearts to be opened as hurting people receive the message of Christ. Pray for OneHope as they look to share the hope and love of Christ with even more victims.

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