Please pray for villagers in Kachin state

By October 15, 2013

VBB10-15-13Burma (MNN) — Your prayers are needed for fellow Christ-followers in Burma. In northern Kachin state where Christians make up 98% of the population, villagers are being held captive by Burma’s army and denied medical help.

Vision Beyond Borders shares the following report:

“While we were in Kachin State last week, a Christian Kachin journalist joined us for dinner. He just came back from the north; this is what he shared with us:

‘Three villagers including an assistant pastor were killed in northern Kachin state last month after they were detained by soldiers, according to Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) officials. Assistant Pastor Hkaw Duk, 20-year-old Yung Hka Khin, and a third man were killed some time after they were detained in a village in early September.

‘Eight other men from the same village including the village Reverend, Ram Mai, were tortured in the local church compound before being released, according to Kachin Baptist Convention officials who recently visited the village on an aid mission. The pastor was personally interrogated after troops found a hunting rifle in his home.’

The situation, as of today, has not changed for the villagers; there are still [over 50] villagers being held by Burmese soldiers. The villagers are not allowed to leave the village. Food is getting scare and medical help is needed…14 villagers are in desperate need of medical care but were denied any help.

On the day we were leaving, we received more disturbing news from our Kachin network/partners. Over the past few days, the Burma army has been sending more troops, rations, and weapons to the area by both air and land. The military has been airlifting some of the supplies using Chinese Y-8 transport planes, say local residents.

There are now more than 200 troops deployed in this village, according to an eyewitness who spoke to our partners on condition of anonymity. We will be sending more details from the trip soon.”

Based in Thailand, a report from the Kachin News Group (KNG) confirms this account. Rev. Ram Mai also told KNG that he “remains very concerned that the 53 villagers are being used as human shields.”

These accounts come after President Thein Sein’s chief negotiator, Aung Min, told Radio Free Asia (RFA) that “fighting has decreased by 90%” in Kachin state.

Ask the Lord to set these people free. Pray that no more harm will come to the villagers.

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