Political opponents call for more protests in Kenya

By July 26, 2023

Kenya (MNN) — Political opponents in Kenya call for another round of anti-government protests starting today. As many as 35 civilians have been killed this month in violent clashes between protestors and the police.

The unrest is supposedly driven by a new Finance Act raising taxes. However, “a lot of it is political,” Bernice Gatere with Trans World Radio Kenya says.

“We had elections last year in August. The President was sworn in, but the opposition did not agree with the results. The opposition has always claimed that the election was rigged.”

Christian and international leaders worry that violent protests may lead to chaos and instability.

“There is a great need to pray for Kenya because of [the] role that Kenya plays,” Gatere says.

“Kenya is where refugees from troubled countries run, from Sudan to DRC.”

(Photo courtesy of TWR Kenya)

Kenyan delegates are currently trying to help broker peace in war-torn Sudan. “Pray for Kenya so that she can stand and continue that role of mediating peace in the region,” Gatere requests.

Pray that the current hostilities in Kenya will end so peace and stability may return. Kenya hosts more than a half-million refugees. As long as Kenya is stable, those refugees do not have to flee for their lives – again.

Trans World Radio introduces refugees to the Prince of Peace through a radio station in one of the main refugee camps. More about that here.

“We minister to all these refugees. They share their horror stories of how they left their homes, what it means to have your peace disrupted,” Gatere says.




Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of SHVETS production/Pexels.