Power outages cripple Caracas, woes increase in Venezuela

By August 6, 2018
Pixabay. Venezuela

Venezuela (MNN) — Your continued prayers are needed for Venezuela. An unexpected power outage in the capital last week left 80 percent of the city without electricity for several hours. Steve Shantz of Trans World Radio says it’s yet another sign of the country’s failing economy.

As explained here, blackouts have been common in rural areas since March. However, power outages in the capital city of Caracas – especially during peak business hours – are unusual.

“It’s clear that the infrastructure in Venezuela is crumbling,” says Shantz.

Food and medicine are non-existent. Public transportation is out. Businesses are struggling. People are leaving the country in droves. Nonetheless, ministry partners are staying put to broadcast hope to their neighbors.

Power outages won’t stop RTM Venezuela

The widespread loss of electricity is a rarity in Caracas, but TWR’s partners are used to it in Maracaibo. RTM Venezuela, the Spanish version of TWR, operates in a business complex that Shantz says now looks like a ghost town.

(Logo courtesy TWR)

Months ago, the transformer that supplies power to RTM’s building was damaged. The electric company didn’t have the necessary funding or parts to fix the transformer, so they asked businesses working in the building to cover the cost. Everyone left except RTM.

“Every day, they [climb] the nine flights of stairs in the dark using their mobile phones for light,” Shantz shares. “They fire up the generators and that gives them enough electricity to operate their computers…and then also operate the studios where they can record the radio program.”

TWR offered to relocate their partners to a neighboring country, he adds. This way, production could still continue, but it would be much easier on RTM staff.

“They said, ‘No, we need to stay in Venezuela so that we can minister to our country; our country needs believers now’,” says Shantz.

“‘This is a time when people are really open to the Gospel and really open to spiritual matters. We need to stay so that we’re here for Venezuelans.’”

Please keep the people of Venezuela in your prayers. Ask the Lord to strengthen and sustain believers, especially RTM staff.

“Pray for resilience and encouragement,” Shantz requests. “[Pray] they would be encouraged that the work they’re doing is having results and people are hearing the Gospel and growing in their faith.”

Learn more about TWR’s work in Venezuela here.


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