Pray for China Partner’s upcoming pastoral training seminars.

By April 14, 2006

China (MNN) — The teaching team with China Partner has been invited to lead Pastoral Training Seminars in the cities of Chengdu and Linchuan.

Two years ago, believers in Linchuan dedicated a new church building that seats 1800 people. This past year, Christian leaders started a Bible Training Center in that new church.

Through that new church, not only are people hearing the Gospel on Sundays, but lay pastors from the countryside are getting theological training throughout the week.

The China Partner team is preparing to return to China for the seminars in late April and early May. Pray that many lay leaders will be trained and equipped for ministry in China.

Your help is needed. For $100 (USD), you can sponsor the training of one lay pastor and provide him or her with a mini-library of 20 books.

Contact China Partner for more information.

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