Pray for Muslims in upcoming Ramadan Prayer Challenge

By March 15, 2023

International (MNN) — The Islamic month of Ramadan starts the evening of Wednesday, March 22nd. During Ramadan, Muslims spend each day fasting and praying for spiritual enlightenment.

Prayercast is hosting a Ramadan Prayer Challenge to help Christians pray strategically for Muslims during this time to know Jesus as their Savior. You can sign up now to join the Ramadan Prayer Challenge!

Each day, Prayercast will send an email to inform your prayers for the Muslim world.

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Prayercast director Chris Ruge says the focus of this year’s Ramadan Prayer Challenge is a prayerful geographic tour.

“We’re going to be taking people on a journey through different regions of the majority Muslim parts of the world, and then drilling into each of those,” says Ruge. “So we’ll start at a very high level in each region. Then over a few days, dig a little bit deeper looking at some cities and some different ethnic groups and people groups that are unreached in that region. In some cases, [we are] even looking at specific individuals and leaders in that region.”

The daily email is also accompanied by a different Prayercast video.

“Each one of those videos has a prayer in it that’s prayed by a former Muslim somewhere in the world who now follows Jesus. He or she will lead all of us each day in prayer for a group of people who’s very near and dear to their heart.”

As you pray, the Lord can also use your prayers to grow your love for Muslims in your sphere of influence and around the world.

“We have seen very practically in past years in our Ramadan challenge that over 85% of people who engage in the Ramadan challenge say that God has changed the way I feel toward Muslims.”

Additionally, Ruge says, “Over 98% of people who have engaged in this prayer challenge, it totally changes the way that they pray, not only for Muslims but prayer in general.

“We want people to be a part of this and to just commit to 30 days of praying each day for Muslims through this month of Ramadan, and see what God will do not only in the Muslim world as you pray but even in your own life.”

Click here to sign up for Prayercast’s Ramadan Prayer Challenge before it starts on March 22nd.







Header photo courtesy of Andri Helmansyah via Unsplash.

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